Redline is a range of 10mm Napoleonic figures. Slim and realistic sculpts. Matching well with GHQ. Previously sold as Flashing blade.

Blitzkrieg12 A range of N scale WWII miniatures, concentrating on the early war Blitzkrieg period.

This website is currently under construction, however the full range of 10mm Napoleonics is available. For more information and pricing contact me directly;

Bend Sinister 10mm Napoleonic figures

British Infantry
BR01 - Centre Company, belgic shako, 1812+
BR03 - Greatcoat Company, Belgic shako, 1812+
BR04 - Highlanders centre company
BR06 - British skirmishers
BR07 - Highlander skirmishers
BR08 - Foot artillery
BR09 - Horse artillery crews
BR10 - Foot artillery with stovepipe shako
BR11 - Centre Company stove pipe shako British pattern artillery
GUN1 - British 9lb gun
GUN2 - British howitzer
GUN6 - British 12lber
GLIM1 - British horse artillery limbers British Cavalry
BRCAV1 - Lifeguards
BRCAV2 - Dragoons Kings guard
BRCAV3 -Scots Greys
BRCAV4 -Light dragoons
BRCAV5 - Hussars!
BHQ - Wellington, Picton and ten staff Brunswick army
BW1 - Brunswick Oels (Leib battalions)
BW2 - Brunswick Line or Light infantry
BW3 - Brunswick Jaegers
BWC01 - Brunswick Uhlans
BWC02 - Brunswick Hussars

French Army Post 1812 Infantry
FR01 - Old guard
FR02 - Old guard chasseurs
FR03 - Old guard in greatcoats
FR04 - French Line Fusiliers
FR05 - French line in greatcoats
FR06 - Voltigeurs/Grenadiers (carabiniers)
FR07 - Voltigeurs/Grenadiers in greatcoats
FR08 - French skirmishers
FR20 - Early French in bicornes

Artillery crews
FR09 - Old Guard artillery crews
FR10 - Old Guard horse artillery crews
FR11 - French Line foot artillery crews
FR12 - French Line horse artillery crews

Continental pattern artillery pieces
GUN3 - French howitzers
GUN4 - French 8lb gun
GUN5 - French 12lb gun
FLM1 - French artillery limbers

French Cavalry
FRCAV01 - Cuirassiers
FRCAV02 - Carabiniers
FRCAV03 - Guard chasseurs a cheval
FRCAV04 - Grenadiers a cheval
FRCAV05 - Guard Lancers (polish/Red)
FRCAV06 - Dragoons
FRCAV07 - Hussars!
FRCAV08 - Line Lancers
FRCAV09 - Line Chasseurs a cheval
FHQ - Napoleon, Ney and ten staff Nassau
NT01 - Line infantry Prussians
PR01 - New Prussian line infantry

HQ - Twelve Mounted generic generals

Austrians Please e-mail for details, Shako, helmet and arty crews

All figure packs are priced at -
£4 for Infantry - 30 figures (36 for French)
£8 for Cavalry - 24 figures
£6 for Guns or crews - nine pieces, plus ammunition cases, Gun crews - 36 figures for nine four man crews.
£6 - Limbers - four limbers with horses and crew.

Standard packs contain an officer, standard and drummer (bugler for cavalry). In the case of twin standards you'll get both. Please contact me for any special pack contents you require. I can mix and match at will. I am eternally grateful that you've managed to find me and taken the trouble to contact me.

I also do packs of 20 extra command figures for £2:50

18 Bedhampton road, Portsmouth, PO2 7JY British in the peninsular used stovepipe shakos. Artillery was horse and cavalry was light dragoons. Postage is £1 min for UK for small stuff and up to £3 max for large orders. For Euro post starts at £2. For ROW its £3. If you hit £50 I'll go post free. Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me through three years of one divorce, two broken bones, three real job changes, four house moves and a new cat. Life is now good for me, I hope it is for you too. Si